Client Story 6

Ms. H, a widow, almost 80 years old, her life has been changed after walking in our office with tears and requesting for interpretation service in 2017 while she is all alone in Calgary after moving from Edmonton since 2014. At the beginning, we managed helping her in terms of medical interpretation and other Way-in services. Then, finding out her medical background of Osteoporosis, we informed the client that AHS has provided various Cantonese health workshops at our centre. She was very pleased as our centre was within her reach as she lives in the Chinatown and never drive. Moreover, we also introduced her to one-to-one appointment with AHS dietitian. As suggested by the doctor and dietitian, one of the most effective ways to cure the disease is to do exercise. Starting from the beginning of 2018, she joined our newly ran Fitness Centre. Thanks to the fitness centre and the trainer, she has made commitment since then, regularly doing various aged-appropriate exercises coached by the trainer. In addition, she makes friends there and also joined the marathon. Besides, physically engaged in our centre, she has joined the internet classes learning to communicate with her daughter in Vancouver by her cell phone. From obtaining interpretation service, Way-in services to actively participating health workshops, Fitness Centre , internet classes, to the special events , all of these significantly help her physically and mentally, we now see the smile on her face when entering the centre proudly proclaiming CCECA is her home where her heart belongs, and she is never alone anymore. “