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game room
                                                    Game Room

Our auditorium and function rooms are available for rent for all occasions such as lectures, meetings, parties, celebrations, etc.  For enquiries, please contact us.

Tel:(403) 269-6122
Fab:(403) 269-1951


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Rental Charge 2023


Memorial Hall

memorial hall



A. Pledge for eternal longevity marble plaques / Memorial Wall

B. Pledge to donate the Guanyin porcelain photo of Guanyintang in the Buddhist Corner


All pledged marbles, eternal eternal life/deity positions, or Guanyin porcelain photos do not have any contracts or ownership rights. They are only memorials of different natures made by the Association.

Senior Fitness Room

gym room

Located in the basement, the fitness room is funded by the Government of Canada New Horizon’s for Seniors Program and sponsored by the Calgary Chinatown Seniors’ Centre Foundation. It is equipped with a multi-functional trainer, treadmill, recumbent bike, elliptical trainer, rower and vibration plate.