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Thank you for supporting CCECA with your 2023 membership. We hope you have been enjoying our services and membership benefits in previous years.

Please check your personal information below and update any changes or missing data as necessary. After payment, your 2024 membership will be updated on the system and the membership card can be picked up at the Centre at your convenience during our office hours.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the renewal process, please contact us at 403.269.6122 or email




如有任何查詢,歡迎致電403.269.6122或寄發電子郵件致 與我們聯絡。

Member Information
Preferred Communication Method(s) 收取通訊方法
Gender 性別
CCECA Membership Type 會籍類別
Language spoken most often at home 在家慣用語言
Liability Waiver 免責聲明

I am aware that it is a condition of participation in any program, volunteer service or travel provided on behalf of The Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens’ Association (CCECA), its agents, volunteers, and employees that the participant does so at their own risk. CCECA, its agents, volunteers or employees are not liable for any physical or material loss, damage, injury, loss of life or cost resulting from, or in connection with such participation.


Contact consent 聯絡同意

I agree CCECA to contact me by telephone, mai, email, WhatsApp, WeChat, for matters related to classes, events, programs and other purposes related to services provided by CCECA.


Social Media 電子方式聯絡同意

I agree to join CCECA official WhatsApp or WeChat groups to receive the latest information.


Media consent 媒體同意

I agree that photos and videos taken of me during participation in any activity provided by CCECA are properties of CCECA and may be used for promotional purposes.


Interest in Volunteer Work? 有興趣做義工嗎?
Living Status 居住狀況
Population Group 種族組別
東南亞裔人 (如:越南人、柬埔寨人、馬來西亞人、及老撾人等)
Born in Canada 是否在加拿大出生
Emergency Contact 緊急聯絡
How did you find out about this program 你怎樣得知耆英會的服務
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