Volunteer Experience by Sau Tim Chan

I have been working for CCECA as a volunteer for 16 years. Every week for two days I work as a receptionist at the Way-In Department, and for three days I provide services to the senior by accompanying them to hospitals, medical laboratories, or medical specialist offices for a check-up or consultation. During these years, I have seen the rapid expansion of the services provided by CCECA.

People from our Chinese community, whether they are new or old immigrants and whichever dialect they speak, may come to CCECA to seek services such as applying for government benefits, looking for medical care, or even finding solutions to everyday life matters.

Once an old lady who had left a bag of salmon fish heads on the Route #3 bus came to ask us to help her write a note so that she could take it to the Calgary Transit's lost and found department to try to find her lost bag. Many local organizations, such as hospitals, clinics, social services, nursing homes, and banks, may refer their clients to come to CCECA to seek help.

Recently, I am quite surprised to learn that a local teacher has written a letter for the parents of a Chinese student whose family has financial difficulties to bring to CCECA so that we can help the family to apply to the Food Bank for food assistance.

From the above examples, we can see that CCECA is being recognized as a major social service organization. The success of CCECA is due to the hard work of its board of directors and staff for the past 30 years.