Volunteer Experience by May Mah

I knew about the Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens' Association when I was still a student. Twenty years ago, I started joining CCECA as a volunteer, believing that helping others would be a source of happiness. Since I joined CCECA as a volunteer, I have had the feeling that I am still studying at school as CCECA continues to develop and introduce new programs for us to work on, and encourage us to learn more skills by taking special courses such as Row You Own Boat, Alberta Fitness Leadership, Caring with Confidence with Alzheimer Society of Calgary, Taking Care of You, Powerful Tools for caregivers, Mount Sinai Hospital Reitman Centre's Carers Program & Gerontology Studies at Mount Royal University. I am pleased to take those courses as I can learn how to overcome difficulties and serve others better. Also, I am able to learn a lot by helping others.

I remember meeting a 94 years old lady while I was in "Volunteer Visiting Program for Seniors". The lady was clear-headed and she loved writing poems. She once wrote me a Chinese poem to praise and encourage me. In fact, this poem has also shown my personal feelings about volunteer work and has motivated me to work harder to serve the elderly.

The success of CCECA is due to the joint effort of its board of directors, volunteers and staff members. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate CCECA on its 30th anniversary and to wish that its success will last forever.