Volunteer Experience by Sau Tim Chan

I have been working for CCECA as a volunteer for 16 years. Every week for two days I work as a receptionist at the Way-In Department, and for three days I provide services to the senior by accompanying them to hospitals, medical laboratories, or medical specialist offices for a check-up or consultation. During these years, I have seen the rapid expansion of the services provided by CCECA.

Volunteer Experience by Becky Tsu

I have immigrated to Canada for almost 40 years. Since I was a child I have learned from my family about helping others by doing volunteer work. In the past, I occasionally volunteered in the Caucasian community by engaging in activities such as providing meal delivery service, helping in fund-raising for charity at casinos, and helping at carnivals. In 2006 I got an opportunity to work for CCECA as a volunteer and had visited the elderly at their own homes as well as care centres.