Client Story 2

This year CCECA ran a new group named Stress management group by using skills and concepts from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with the focus on interactions between cognition, behaviours and emotions. It was an effective intervention approach for eight group members to learn new skills to cope with their stress on life changes including children leaving, retirement, loss of loved ones and health issues. One of the group members reported to have significant improvement in her mood and gained insights and skills from the group to cope well with her stress.

Client Story 1

Mrs. W is over 90 years old. Although she lives with her son, she does not receive any support from him in any way. Her son does not speak to her. She has to do all her house chores and cooking on her own. By words of mouth, she learned about our Special Needs Support Group and joined our group. After participating in our program, she made many friends and was able to establish supportive relationship. She was no longer lonely, because she has the support and feels connected to the community.

Client Story 4

I have joined the Inspire Project workshop for six weeks with less than 20 hours, but my gains were fruitful :

1. I gained friendship and met a dozen of new friends from different ethnic groups.

2. I am 77 years old and have never been to kindergarten. When I came to Canada, I saw my grandson going to Preschool and was envious of his naivete and freedom to graffiti. My participation in the Inspire Project was very similar to this and made me feel rejuvenated. I had a happy time.

Client Story 5

First of all, I deeply appreciate CCECA for giving me this precious opportunity to participate in the Art Inspire workshops.

Since participating this lovely activity, I recognized that after my retirement long time ago, my "elderly life" could be full of fun and joy. This was especially true during the discussion of the psychology for seniors which was full of enthusiastic encouragement and exchange of ideas.

Client Story 6

Ms. H, a widow, almost 80 years old, her life has been changed after walking in our office with tears and requesting for interpretation service in 2017 while she is all alone in Calgary after moving from Edmonton since 2014. At the beginning, we managed helping her in terms of medical interpretation and other Way-in services. Then, finding out her medical background of Osteoporosis, we informed the client that AHS has provided various Cantonese health workshops at our centre. She was very pleased as our centre was within her reach as she lives in the Chinatown and never drive.

Client Story 3

Mr. C, aged, 25 lives with his father who is 82 years old. He works at home and is looking after his father who is recently diagnosed with early stage of dementia. His father has gotten very impatient with every little thing and has started to wander around the neighborhood. Because of their age differences and huge generation gap there were lots of arguments and conflicts between the two. Mr. C feels frustrated and overwhelmed, because he cannot concentrate on his work with his father at home. Since Mr.