Our Team

Staff Team                                                                                                                                                                                        

Liza Chan - Executive Director


Community Engagement & Administration

Celia Li - Senior Manager         

Sam Wong - Team Lead (Senior Neighborhood Net)

Amanda Liu - Program Coordinator (Senior Neighborhood Net)

Kit Sum O'Reilly - Team Lead (Chinese Community Helper Program

Polin Kan - Program Coordinator (Chinese Community Helper Program

Ivan Chow - Program Coordinator (Senior Centre Without Wall for Chinese Older Adults)

Patrick Ng - Program Coordinator 

David Tam - Program Coordinator

Jing Yang - Program Coordinator 




Grammy Lam -  Assistant Manager (Admin)

Elaine Ogada - Operation Coordinator                                 

Alice Chan - Assistant Operation Coordinator                                   

Jie Tang Liang - Care Taker 

Su Ping Xu - Care Taker 

Kent Weng - Building Operator                                    


The Way In - Calgary Older Adult Services  

Agnes Lam - Manager - Older Adult Services 

Siu Wai Lie - Team Lead - Older Adult Services                 

Lucita Ma - Outreach Worker 

Lily Wong Outreach Worker

Asura Law - Outreach Worker 


Special Needs Support Group - Adult Day Program                                     

Doris Li - Program Manager 

Jane Wu - Assistant Manager

Qin Zhou - Support Group Coordinator                 

Jamie Lam - Assistant Support Group Coordinator

Hui Fang Zou -  Program Assistant




CCECA 24th Board of Directors (2021-2022)

President:             Aldous Wong

Vice-president:     Vincent Liu

Secretary:            Catherine Ng, Albert Tsang

Treasurer:            Sim Kwong

Director:               Jason Poon, Patrick Kwan, Michael Lok, John Chan