Our Team

Staff Team

Liza Chan - Executive Director

Tracy Wong - Operation Coordinator (Human Resources & Policy)

Community Engagement & Administration

Celia Li - Operation Manager                                                              

Stanley Tse - Program Coordinator (Visiting Program)          Elly Li - Program Coordinator

Sam Wong - Program Coordinator (Community Helper)       Patrick Ng - Program Coordinator


Elaine Ogada - Operation Coordinator                                  Ray Chan - Assistant Operation Coordinator

Jie Tang Liang - Care Taker                                                   Su Ping Xu - Care Taker                                     

The Way In Network - Outreach Service

Agnes Lam - Supervisor                                                       Peter So - Older Adult Service Coordinator

Sin Man Yau - Older Adult Service Coordinator                   Siu Wai Lie - Older Adult Service Coordinator

Camryn Dong - Older Adult Service Coordinator                 

Special Needs Support Group - Adult Day Program

Angela Lai - Program Manager                                            Doris Li - Licensed Practical Nurse

Helen Sheu - Health Care Aide                                            Anne Zhang - Health Care Aide

Qin Zhou - Health Care Aide                                                Hui Fang Zou - Program Assistant


Our Board of Directors

President:  Claudia Lam

Vice President: Eugene Chieng        

Secretary: Sidney Woo, Thomas Chan

Treasurer: Patrick Wong

Director:  Desmond Lai, Peter Lam, Henry Ng, Nikola Wu, Thomas Chow, Pui Kan Lam, Aldous Wong, Sim Kwong