Flour Doll Class

Flour Dolls is a simple but artistic craft. Sculpture art has a long history starting from Han Dynasty. The main ingredients would be flour and glutinous rice flour, colors and paraffin will also be added. It would become a soft flour dough after the process of anti-crack and anti-mildew. CCECA will invite a master, Henry Way to teach the basic techniques and modeling, he is good at shaping flour dolls as flowers, birds, and animals like the rose, parrot. Flour will be provided and the skills of coloring will be taught. 

  • Date: 2019 May , every sunday ,four lessons in total

  • Time: From 10:30 am - 12:00 noon

  • Venue: classroom on the second floor of CCECA

  • Fee: member: $25, non-member: $35 (included fees of material)

  • Language: Cantonese

  • Teacher: Mr. Wai Chun

  • Registration or Inquiry: Please call us at (403)269-6122