Client Story 2

This year CCECA ran a new group named Stress management group by using skills and concepts from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with the focus on interactions between cognition, behaviours and emotions. It was an effective intervention approach for eight group members to learn new skills to cope with their stress on life changes including children leaving, retirement, loss of loved ones and health issues. One of the group members reported to have significant improvement in her mood and gained insights and skills from the group to cope well with her stress. She was capable of applying the skills from CBT to tackle her irrational thoughts and found relieve from her struggles of whether to go back to Hong Kong to take care of her ageing parent or not. At first she strongly believed that she should go back because she was the key caregiver. With the support from the group, she made a final decision of not going back and found relief of her burdens. By adopting the CBT approach in stress management group, as evident in the group, it can assist group members with increasing awareness and improving skills to manage their life stressors or challenges in their life.