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Our Services

For more detailed information about our services, please call us or visit us in person.

Social Services

The Way In Calgary Older Adult Services

As part of the The Way In network, we provide information for older Chinese adults and help them access services that enhance quality of life.

Many free services are offered in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

For more information, or to make appointments (which are recommended), please call (403) 269-6122

Volunteer visiting program for seniors

Our visiting program enhances quality of life for Chinese adults 60 and older, who are homebound or residing in care centres and living facilities with limited contact within the Chinese community. Volunteers make scheduled, hour-long visits. Homebound seniors are provided with services such as supportive friendship, enjoy hobbies, games, friendly conversations. Care centre residents will enjoy group-based social and leisure activities such as Chinese tea with refreshments and music.

Our visiting program services are free of charge.

Chinese Special Needs support group (Adult Day Program)

Our Special Needs Support Group/Adult Day Program supports and enhances quality of life for Clients who are frail, have a chronic disability, loss of autonomy, slight dementia, but are otherwise independent and capable of daily living.

Collaborative Programs

Chinese community response to family violence

Our cultural advocate provides advocacy and support to accessible housing, financial resources, legal services, court accompaniment and court preparation. In addition to risk assessment and developing an individualized safety plan and educating the victims in their rights.


As part of this program we provide:

  • case management services to domestic violence victims and their family members
  • training for Chinese community service providers on domestic violence and train mainstream and immigrant service providers in order to provide culturally sensitive services to Chinese families impacted by family violence
  • community outreach and education on domestic violence to community members

Chopsticks on Wheels (in partnership with Calgary Meals on Wheels)

We prepare and deliver nutritious and affordable meals to your door, providing you with meals for up to 5 days per week regardless of age or finances.


Please contact us for more information

Other Support Services

Community engagement

Advocacy and Civic Participation

By conducting workshops and community forums, we aim to educate our seniors in understanding the importance of their participation in the community, thus, to make impact on citizens' overall well-being.

Community Collaborative Events

We take part in ongoing collaborative events throughout the year. Through establishing partnership with other organizations in the community, we provide a more enriching experience for older adults.

Social & recreation

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve social life of Chinese older adults, we provide a variety of programs, giving them the opportunities to build their social network and showcase their talent.


Regular programs include:

  • Support Groups
  • Social Gatherings
  • Community Events
  • Seasonal Celebrations
  • Picnics & Trips

Special Interest Groups include:

  • Collective Kitchen
  • Chinese Dance
  • Gate Ball
  • Senior Choir
  • Lion Dance
  • Chinese Opera

Education enhancement

We offer a broad spectrum of educational classes and workshops that will enrich the lives of Chinese older adults and improve their skills and abilities.


We have:

  • ESL Class
  • Citizenship Class
  • Calligraphy Class
  • Water color painting
  • Chinese Painting Class
  • Internet Classes
  • Workshops
  • Senior Garden Newsletter

Health services

Regular health care workshops

Living Well with a Chronic Condition (in partnership with Alberta Health Services) is a supportive program for people with chronic conditions. It includes the following:

Disease-Specific and General Education classes

"Better Choices, Better Health" Self-Management Workshop

Wellness Centre

Our Wellness Centre program offers free health care services for older adults aged 50+.


Services include:

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Weight Check
  • BMI Calculation
  • Nurse's Health Consultation (Medical form filling and counseling by appointment only)
  • Health Education video show (Last Friday of each month)

Foot Clinc

Foot clinic provides comprehensive foot care services for all foot problems such as corns, calluses, ingrown or fungus nails, arch and heel pain, bunions, crooked toes, injuries, orthotics, diabetic foot problems, and etc.

Mobile Laboratory

Mobile Lab provides free service to patients who are disabled or unable to travel to CLS’s existing Patient Service Centres. A valid lab requisition with tests requested by physicians or health care providers is required.

Annual health care events

Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccination (in Partnership with Alberta Health Services)

In October every year, we provide both flu and pneumococcal vaccine to those who need it, especially people aged 65 and over. There is no charge for Albertans over 6 months old.

Screening Mammogram (in Partnership with Screen Test)

This program offers free screening mammogram service for early detection of breast cancer.

Other Services

Longevity Group

Members aged 70 & under, are eligible to join. This group aims at promoting the spirit of mutual help and support. For group members who pass away, the group will liaise with funeral homes to make arrangements and condolence money will be given to the registered beneficiary.

Facility Rentals

Our auditorium, meeting room and classroom are available for rent for all occasions such as lectures, meetings, parties, celebrations and etc.


Any Alberta residents aged 50 or over may apply for annual membership for a small fee.


We offer:

  • Access to Special Needs Support Group, Longevity Group and some other recreation groups
  • Preferred rates on some classes, tours and special events
  • Fees waived for certified true copy and commissioner for oaths
  • Voting privilege at the Annual General Meeting for members aged 65+


CCECA welcomes anyone who is interested in joining us as volunteers to promote services and contribute to the community. As a volunteer, you will gain new skills, make new friends, build self confidence and maintain an active lifestyle.


Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Event / activity support
  • Front desk and administrative support
  • Interpreter
  • Document translator
  • Support group member
  • Special Needs Support Group (Adult Day Program) member
  • Community Volunteer Income Tax Program assistant
  • Visiting program support
  • Wellness Centre support
  • Civic Engagement Group member
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Interest Group/Workshop instructor
  • Collective Kitchen member